I received my first guitar for Chanukah in December of 1996. I was 10 years old and I can vividly remember unwrapping the large box in our living room and seeing the hardshell case. At first I thought it was a trombone (not sure why) but then as I pulled the case out of the box I realized it was an acoustic guitar. I had been asking for a guitar for what seemed like eons, so the moment was surreal. My mom thought the guitar would be just like the gameboy, sega genesis, computer, baseball cards, movies, and million other material things that I needed to have and discarded along the way. Fortunately for both of us the guitar stuck.

It was a modest Mitchell acoustic guitar and it came with a book and videotape. My excitement was met with some initial frustration and confusion when I opened the book and watched the video. Like any kid, I wanted instant gratification and wanted everything to sound amazing right away. This was not my first time picking up guitar; but up until then my exposure was limited to watching adults strumming chords and friends showing me simple one string riffs on their guitars. Hearing and seeing all of this new information for the first time was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. Also, it did not sound amazing.

For the moment it was back to my one string riffs and turning the pegs on the end of the guitar so they all lined up (kids don’t try this at home). My curiosity and determination won over and eventually I was able to play some recognizable melodies. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey that continues to this day. I’m still looking forward to learning that next song.

If your child expresses a specific interest in an instrument, get them one! Sign them up for lessons. You’ll never know if it will stick unless you try.

It’s almost that time of year again! I know it’s only September, but we’re already gearing up for our 2nd annual Winter Recital. The date is set for Sunday, December 18 at The Red Light Cafe at 7 pm. So mark your calendars and be thinking of what songs you would like to play!

For those of you that have not participated in a recital yet, we will have an adult set and a kids set. All students have the opportunity to perform solo or with teacher accompaniment. Feel free to play some festive tunes and wear some festive gear, after all it is the most wonderful time of the year!

Winter Recital

We just got a new shipment of DR Strings in at the store. Electric, Acoustic and Classical (Nylon) strings are available for only $8 pack (Mfg. List Price $12.75). The price includes tax and can be added to your next invoice or you can pay by credit card in the store.

We can also restring your instrument for $25 (includes the price of strings). If you don’t know how to replace your strings and you’d like to do it yourself, feel free to ask your teacher and they will be happy to show you in your next lesson. It’s hard not to play a guitar with new strings on it, so strap them on and let it ring!

DR Strings