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Winter Recital Signup

Please fill out the short form below or click on the poster to guarantee yourself a spot in our Winter Recital. Deadline to signup is November 18 and the recital is on December 18. If you don’t know what you (or your children) will be playing yet, it’s all good. You can still signup to secure your spot!




October 26, 2016 Comments Off on Winter Recital Signup

Adult Band – Starting November 1st

Rehearsals for our first adult band will begin on Tuesday, November 1st. Brandon Marsolo will be playing drums and coaching the ensemble. The group will focus on rock and blues techniques. Brandon has plenty of experience in leading rehearsals and will be able to provide expert instruction on individual and group performance. This is something I think that has been missing at the Shed and there is a lot to be learned from playing in a group setting. 

You are welcome to use our equipment at the Shed or bring your own. The cost will be $30 per 90 min rehearsal from 8:00-9:30. The rehearsals will culminate in a final performance at our recital on December 18. Tuition will be pro-rated and added to your monthly invoice. There will be no make-up classes, but we are happy to adjust invoices prior to payment if you will be absent. You can sign up online through our student portal or email us directly if you are interested. Limited to 6 students.


October 19, 2016 Comments Off on Adult Band – Starting November 1st