We’ve got a new group, Guitar Shedders! Well, we already had a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and all that good stuff but we needed a separate forum where current and former students could interact with each other. Students periodically asks questions that I don’t always have the answer to…

Are there any other students looking to jam? 

Can anybody switch lesson times with me?

Does anybody want to buy a used tuba from me?

These are all great questions for our new group, Guitar Shedders. As teachers, we strive to create a connected musical community in Atlanta and the intent of this group is to pass this synergy along to our students. As Guitar Shed teachers, we have played several gigs together and continue to interact musically outside of teaching. This contributes to our shared musical history and brings us closer together.

Please request to join our group and feel free to post anything music related….just keep it clean. This group is for students 18+up and we will moderate the group if there are any harmful comments.

Mark your calendars for our Winter Recitals! We are very excited to have 3 separate recitals at some of Atlanta’s best music venues. Signup begins in the student portal on 10/1!

Registration is now open for our Fall Student Showcase in the Student Portal. This is a great opportunity to hone your performance chops in front of a smaller audience! To register, login to the student portal and follow the directions below.

Click “Calendar” in the sidebar >

Go to September 14 >

Click on the Student Showcase event >

Click “Register”

This is a free event and open to the public, so feel free to invite friends and family to see you perform! We will have amps, microphones and a keyboard available. Please bring your instrument with you (unless you are playing piano) and arrive at least 15 min. before your set time. Unfortunately, this performance is not open to drummers due to the size of the restaurant. Space is limited so sign up today to guarantee your spot.

P.S. We just created a private facebook group, “Guitar Shedders” for all of current and former Guitar Shed students that you can request to join here. The purpose of this group is to help us connect with each other in the local music community. If you’re looking to jam, sell an instrument or want to talk about the candy offerings in the lobby feel free to post it here! Open to adult students and parents.