Piano Shed is a small-sized group piano class focused on improvisation, collaboration, and listening.

The cost for Piano Shed is $32.50 per class. Each class is 45 minutes, and one class can be removed per month with at least 24 hours notice. No previous piano experience is required. We currently have a waiting list Piano Shed, click here to join.

In Piano Shed, the students will learn how to use musical structure to inform their improvisational direction, read charts, and learn chords and scales. There will also be opportunities to explore different keyboard sounds and use auxiliary percussion to accompany the jam.

Please call or email us if you’d like to sign up! (404) 500-5375[email protected]

Have you ever heard the expression ‘music is a language?’ We all know how easy it is for kids to learn a language, so why do kids often feel playing the piano is hard? Playing the piano is easy when music lessons follow the process of learning a language:

1. Listen
2. Imitate
3. Speak (Play)
4. Read

Piano Shed teaches kids, on day one, how to play the piano in an all-keyboard ensemble. The program not only teaches kids how to play the piano, but it teaches them about teamwork, leadership, and accountability as they build and refine each song as a performing ensemble.