We’re pleased to announce a new piano program at Guitar Shed! Piano Shed will be a small-sized group class, approximately ages 9-14, with a focus on collaboration for our piano students taught by Gordon Wery. Each class will be 45 minutes for a duration of 8 weeks held on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am starting 9/11 and ending 10/30. Please note that these classes cannot accrue makeup credits or refunds for any absences.

The curriculum has three main components: an ensemble piece, studio class, and group improvisation. Students will learn one ensemble piece where each student plays one part as if it is a small orchestra of pianos. The studio class segment allows students to perform a solo piece of their own outside the scope of regular lessons and recitals. The teacher will give feedback, and there will be a final performance during the last class. Finally, group improvisation will open students up to thinking creatively, having musical “conversations”, and learning to play while being put on the spot.

We’re looking forward to Piano Shed and creating more opportunities for our students to collaborate! Please give us a call or email if you have any questions at (404) 500-5375 and [email protected]