Guitar Shed Reviews


As a parent, I especially appreciate the terrific organization and communication. Such is rare and invaluable with kids’ extracurricular activities and particularly music instructors or centers. Whether it’s scheduling, lesson feedback, payments or events, everything is concise, simple and accurate. Further, it’s very reasonable and convenient with plenty of free parking!
My son had a wonderful experience at Guitar Shed. He received extraordinary one-on-one drum lessons, attended the Camp Woodshed summer camp, participated in the teen band program, and performed at recitals. We are transplants to Atlanta and after our first year here, I commented one day that I wasn’t sure moving to Atlanta was all that I’d hoped it would be. My son responded, “But if we never moved to Atlanta, I would have never experienced Guitar Shed.” That, I think, speaks volumes. My son is now at Interlochen Arts Academy studying music production and engineering. He is also a member of a jazz combo at Interlochen and prepared for his audition for the same at Guitar Shed. Extremely grateful for all!

All of the Guitar Shed instructors I’ve met are amazingly talented musicians. Not only that, they know how to pass that creativity on to their students. Guitar Shed creates a relaxing environment to learn in, and it’s also an inviting place to just sit and listen to music while waiting for a student’s lesson to complete. -Johnny

Great spot for lessons, even for adults! I’ve been playing drums for some time, but struggle to grow without structure. Also, I wanted to try my hand at bass. Coming here every week is a highlight – I continue to grow and learn in both and am amazed by the instructors! -Camden

My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Nichelle this past year and it has been a tremendous experience. On top of Nichelle’s wonderful instruction, Guitar Shed offers many student performance opportunities in a supportive environment, which has improved my daughter’s confidence levels. And I can’t say enough great things about Nichelle; she makes her lessons fun and has really enhanced my daughter’s love of music and singing. -Jennifer

My son had a wonderful experience at Guitar Shed. He received extraordinary one-on-one drum lessons, attended the Camp Woodshed summer camp, participated in the teen band program, and performed at recitals. We are transplants to Atlanta and after our first year here, I commented one day that I wasn’t sure moving to Atlanta was all that I’d hoped it would be. My son responded, “But if we never moved to Atlanta, I would have never experienced Guitar Shed.” That, I think, speaks volumes. My son is now at Interlochen Arts Academy studying music production and engineering. He is also a member of a jazz combo at Interlochen and prepared for his audition for the same at Guitar Shed. Extremely grateful for all! -Cheryl

I started taking guitar lessons with Guitar Shed a few weeks ago and have had a great experience. From ease of registering to regular, clear communications about upcoming lessons and other information, it’s been very professional. My teacher, Sean McMorris, has been great to work with, and I’m seeing improvement each week. My daughter started piano lessons with Guitar Shed too and has been enjoying it. -Matt

We have been at Guitar Shed for 2 years now. My son started piano at 5 and is still loving it! The front office staff is delightful, and he and his piano instructor (Mr. Chris) have really clicked. We loved in person lessons and were a bit hesitant to transition to virtual – but Guitar Shed has really knocked it out of the park! My son still looks forward to his virtual lesson. Guitar Shed has had numerous virtual recitals – and it has been so great to be able to include family and friends near and far in his recitals. My son has let me know that after mastering piano, he intends to learn to play “every instrument I can take lessons for at Guitar Shed.” -Naomi

Our experience with Guitar Shed has been tremendous. Our violin instructor Jenny is fantastic. Her attention to detail and instruction of music is phenomenal. Jenny’s desire to see our son succeed is heart warming and we feel lucky we found her! She is also flexible and has proven to be effective teacher for children with all kinds of minds. Thanks to Guitar Shed!! -Julia

My daughter has been taking drum lessons from Guitar Shed for about three years now and She really enjoys it! They are very friendly, communicative and professional. They are great with children and adults. I especially like the fact that they keep the parents informed about their child’s progress. What’s also great is that they give children the opportunity to experience being in a band. This helped my daughter, who happens to be an only child, learn teamwork! They have great performances as well. Another plus is that they made great adjustments for Covid safety! I highly recommend Guitar Shed! Thay are an awesome group of musicians and musical mentors! -Cheryl

We love Guitar Shed! My almost 10 year old has been taking piano lessons with Chris for about 4.5 years and cello lessons with Gail for about 9 months. My 7 year old has been taking piano lessons with Drew for about a year and a half. We cannot say enough good things about Guitar Shed and the wonderful, patient teachers who have connected in meaningful ways with my kids. We also love the many opportunities for performing in a non-competitive environment (in person, and now virtually through regular livestream recitals). I can see how these opportunities have built confidence in my kids. Although we can’t wait to be back in the studio once it’s safe, virtual lessons during Covid times are also going great. We are so glad we found Guitar Shed! -Jen

My son has been taking piano and guitar lessons at Guitar Shed for 4 years now and he will soon be leaving for college. His teachers, Chris and Sean, have been instrumental in the artist he has become by teaching and encouraging him beyond what he knew his skills were. He is going on to study Audio Engineering and I have no doubts that his relationship with the Shed and his teachers have helped him to find a path that is truly his. Forever grateful to Parker and the Team. I need to get another child plugged in there soon! -Donyal

Guitar Shed is an excellent resource for teaching music and instilling an appreciation of music. Our son has been receiving lessons there for nearly two years and we’re very happy with the experience. Even during the pandemic, they’ve adapted to virtual lessons seamlessly and his progress has continued. Highly recommend this great resource to anyone seeking to learn an instrument! -David

My daughter started taking violin lessons with Guitar Shed a few months ago. Her teacher, Jenny, is fantastic. She breaks complicated concepts into simple steps and is very encouraging and patient. I highly recommend her to teach violin to your child. We are excited to continue watching our daughter learn and grow and she studies this instrument. -Catherine

Both of my children have been taking lessons at Guitar Shed for years. My son takes guitar lessons from Paul, and my daughter takes ukulele lessons from Max. It has been a great place for them to learn to play! The teachers always have worked hard to engage my kids in their lessons, and they’ve managed to keep engaging them in virtual lessons throughout the pandemic! -Maggie

Guitar shed has been an incredible influence and I know that I never would have progressed this much musically without them. My guitar instructor for the past couple years has been Sean McMorris and he is not only one best teachers I’ve ever had but one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever met. He always exceeds my expectations by challenging me with new music and playing styles, he goes the extra mile by providing personal videos explaining everything and just helping in general. I will always recommend guitar shed, it’s awesome!! -Sophie

We’ve had a fantastic experience at Guitar Shed for piano lessons for our son. Chris is an amazing musician and patient teacher who has helped him progress steadily. They have made the best of the COVID situation and the virtual lessons are almost as good as meeting in person, and our son’s piano skills have continued to improve. Highly recommended for music lessons. -Tommy

I highly recommend Guitar Shed for anyone looking to learn to play an instrument or improve their skills. We have had excellent experiences with guitar lessons from Sean McMorris and drum lessons from Dylan Banks. Not only is their instruction top notch, but so is the entire school experience. From the very first impression, we saw that Guitar Shed was run by kind and friendly people with a passion for teaching music. When the pandemic hit and GS switched to virtual lessons, the school handled it with great professionalism and concern for students. We can’t wait until it’s finally over so we can once again enjoy GS’s fabulous student showcases live and in person. -Nick

I highly recommend Guitar Shed, mainly because of my granddaughter’s teacher, Chris. There aren’t many adults who “connect” with my granddaughter, but Chris did from the first lesson. Because of this, her weekly (now twice weekly) piano lessons became one of the best parts of her week. And, she has not only stuck with piano for 4 years, but her improvement (as seen in her performances at recitals) has been phenomenal. Finally, the overall professionalism of this school in billing, keeping parents & others informed, and providing a variety of opportunities for students is great. -Patricia

My daughter initially started with ukulele lessons but soon realized that wasn’t the best fit for her. The Guitar Shed staff was incredibly accommodating in helping to identify the right teacher and instrument for her. She is now taking piano lessons with Gail and loves them. She looks forward to seeing her teacher and has learned so much in such a short period of time. We absolutely love this community gem. -Amy

Our daughter has taken lessons from Guitar Shed and Sean McMorris for a few years now. We couldn’t be happier! The entire staff is very friendly and always happy to help. We’ve been very impressed with how quickly and seamlessly they transitioned to virtual lessons and the remote environment due to the pandemic. It doesn’t seem like they missed a beat.Sean has done a wonderful job teaching our daughter. She has learned so much from him. He always communicates with us on her progress and provides great feedback. Sean is patient and really does a good job adapting the instruction based on how my daughter is progressing. We’re extremely happy to work with Sean and be part of the Guitar Shed family! -Jason

I’ve been a student at Guitar Shed for a couple of years now and would recommend them to anyone looking to learn to play an instrument or looking to improve their existing skills. My teacher Brandon Marsolo is very supportive and constantly pushes me to try new things. Back in 2020 we transitioned to all virtual classes and it couldn’t have gone better. It truly is a great place to learn regardless of your age, experience or skill level. -Terrell

I have been a student with Sean at Guitar Shed for 2 years now. Sean has a wealth of knowledge and experience with music and is excellent at helping me learn new skills and keeping me engaged. They have done a great job pivoting to online lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. I recommend Guitar Shed to anyone looking to start learning a new instrument or who is looking to improve skills they already have. -Rachel

We are so thankful to have Guitar Shed in our neighborhood! My daughter has been taking lessons with Ms. Jenny Chun for a year now and the experience has been so positive in a multitude of ways. Besides her brilliance in teaching young and new learners, Ms. Jenny is kind and encouraging. Having Ms. Jenny in my daughter’s life means a lot more to our family than just having an amazing violin teacher. Grateful that she is part of our village! -Mary

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Chris for over four years. I cannot say enough good things about this business or about Chris himself. My kiddo usually takes a long time to trust someone, but she trusted Chris from the start and has thrived under his instruction. The non competitive environment has meant my daughter gets to explore the piano without the stress, which has made her fall in love with her craft.
Even through our the pandemic they have amazed me with how well they’ve handled things. It takes a truly amazing instructor to be able to teach well virtually, and we certainly have that in Chris! -Jessica

Guitar Shed is an amazing place to learn guitar. Brandon has been my instructor for over a year now, and my guitar playing ability has increased tenfold. Brandon’s talent and in-depth knowledge provide an excellent learning experience. As an adult student, I cannot recommend Guitar Shed and Brandon enough! -Matt

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful resource in our neighborhood. Everyone at Guitar Shed cares about the students and their growth as musicians. My daughter started on ukulele with Max, who was so patient, then transitioned to piano, where she is growing every week with help from her marvelous teacher Gail Burnett. During COVID, Guitar Shed has done an amazing job with virtual lessons, ensuring students remain engaged. -Amy

Vivian is our daughter’s piano teacher. She has great energy and she is really a good fit for our daughter. We switched to Guitar Shed during the pandemic, so all the lessons have been virtual. This speaks volumes about Vivian that she has made such a connection without ever being face-to-face! Yesterday after her lesson, my daughter said, “that’s one of the best lessons i’ve ever had!” -Jennifer

I have been a student at Guitar Shed for almost 2 years, and a loving fan since the shed’s early beginnings in the Kirkwood community. Parker Smith has created a rare center of gravity for a tremendously talented team of musicians and teachers to share their gifts with a wide range of students seeking different creative outlets, curiosities and challenges. Sean McMorris and Brandon Marsolo are two of the most inspirational teachers I have learned from, and my understanding and appreciation of music has expanded into territories I could have only accessed through the wisdom, guidance and patience from the shed family. My highest regard and recommendation goes to Guitar Shed for any individual looking for a deeper relationship with music and with themselves. -Christina

I’ve been taking guitar lessons at Guitar Shed for over 6 months and couldn’t be happier with my progress! Sean McMorris is an absolutely terrific instructor, whose patient and clear teaching style has really helped me improve my playing. I would heartily recommend Guitar Shed to anyone looking to get started with guitar, or even for an intermediate player to take it to their playing to the next level.

I started taking piano lessons here in August, first with Parker, then with Chris, and never could’ve imagined how much ground could be covered in 4 months. The place is laid back and open, with lots of great books around and records on the walls, and stuff for younger kids to doodle on and play with. The instructors are great at helping to figure out what it is you’re after (if you’re not sure), and are all extremely thorough and patient. If you’re even remotely interested in getting started with music (at any age), or looking for a place to up your music game, look no further.