Bands and Ensemble Submissions

We have missed making music with you and are excited to announce a new collaborative project, “Operation Guitar Shed!” Over the past couple of weeks our teachers have been test driving a video collaboration that will be posted soon on our social media. We recorded audio and video of our individual parts separately to “Don’t Change Horses” by Tower of Power. We dubbed our band “Operation Funk” and had a blast doing it!  

All you need to participate is a pair of headphones. Each participant will record a video of themselves performing the song with headphones on. If you are interested in improving the sound quality of your recording, we recommend purchasing a USB audio interface for your computer. Audio interfaces are in high demand these days and you might have to check with a few different retailers for availability. There are also several more affordable interfaces for phones and tablets

Our teachers will be reaching out soon to coordinate which song each band will submit. Please note, since these videos will be edited together the submission process is different than our recitals. You will each receive an email with a file request from DropBox. You do not need a DropBox account to submit your video and just need to click on the link that you receive. We found this to be the simplest process. Once we have received videos from each band member, we will send them off to be edited and debut them at our Virtual Recitals. 

The deadline to submit all videos is 5/29.

While we can’t perform in the same physical space during this time, we can still make music together and keep our creative juices flowing. Thank you for participating in Operation Guitar Shed!