Guitar Technique Workshop – December 2nd

With a little instruction and a bit of practice, anyone can learn to play with proper technique! Poor technique can hold back any guitarist from reaching their true potential. Playing correctly will improve ALL aspects of playing, from speed to stamina to clarity, and makes learning your instrument much more comfortable and enjoyable. While it’s best to learn to play properly from the start, it is never too late to fix bad habits! Whether you’re a singer/songwriter looking to improve your chord transitions or a lead player who wants to finally nail that solo, learning how to work on your technique will help push you in the right direction.

This workshop will cover:
-Basic playing techniques (holding the guitar, picking/strumming, left-hand technique)
-Lead guitar techniques (i.e slides, bends, vibrato, tapping)
-Stylistic techniques (i.e. palm mutes, funk style rhythm, reggae staccato)
To sign up email [email protected] or sign up in our student portal.
Teens and Adults only.

$30 for current students
$40 for non-students