New Original Music From the Guitar Shed Family

One of the proudest moments a music teacher can have is to hear a student come into their own as a musician and compose original music. This past weekend, two long-time Guitar Shedders, Jillian Loux and Jeremiah Andrews, released a collaborative EP titled, this is it. Jillian’s voice meets Jeremiah’s production to create a unique blend of songwriting styles and musical genres. Both young musicians shared a role in the songwriting and instrumentation. You can listen to the EP here on Spotify under the name ‘Jillian Loux’.

Another long-time student, Sean Farrell, also released a solo EP a few months ago under the name, ‘Sean Jane’. Sean’s first release, Departure, incorporates his blues guitar influences along with hints of pop and rock. Check out the EP on Spotify here.




Teachers, Desmond Myers and Brandon Marsolo have recently released singles of their own, and Parker has a full length album on the way. Stay tuned for a Guitar Shed Playlist featuring the music of our students and teachers!