Recap: Acoustic Ensemble’s First Gig!

Last Wednesday, our Acoustic Ensemble played their first show ever and did an incredible job! We formed the ensemble in January of 2020, and had only a few weeks of practice before we transferred to a virtual operation in March. After a long hiatus, we started rehearsing again when Guitar Shed re-opened this May, and began working up a set of seven songs ranging from Dolly Parton to Fleetwood Mac. The lineup of the Acoustic Ensemble two guitars, bass, and banjo and all four members sing! Each member was featured throughout the performance and they were well-received by the crowd. The group played on the back patio of Red’s Beer Garden in Grant Park. It was a bittersweet occasion, though, as the show was a farewell to our bass player, Laura, who is moving to California.

With that said, the Acoustic Ensemble is looking to add a new bass player and possibly another instrument. Please reach out to the front desk if you are interested in joining. Though this wasn’t by design, the ensemble is made up of all women, and will only be open to female musicians.