Teen Band Spring Concert 2021

By Nichelle Young


It was so exciting to have our Teen Band Concert live and in person on Saturday, March 27th. Our lobby was filled with adrenaline and some nervousness as each band had their sound checks in preparation of their performances.

We kicked off the event with the Crazy 8’s: Evelyn’s vocals moved us as the band’s lead singer (and a little tambourine), Ava & Alex were rocking the electric guitars. With Sully on drums & Ellie on bass guitar, the two were holding down the rhythm section. Avery was picking and grinning on acoustic guitar, & Ryley was tickling the electric ivories.

Next, we had a first-time solo performance on guitar & vocals by Orion who also rocked the vocals for the teen band, The Humans. On keys and vocals was Finnian with his electric personality, Noelle was jamming on electric guitar, and we had Nyla banging the skins on the drums.

Last up, we had the Tween band (full of no-longer tweens, teen boys) with Heath on the cool, low vocals and playing guitar, Laird thumping the bass guitar, Axel shredding the rhythm guitar, and Luke & Ben showing their skills on dual drum kits.

What a beautiful day for a live concert and each band with their own energy and style did not disappoint! If you are wondering why you didn’t hear about the concert until now, we kept it small for safety purposes as unfortunately we are still in a pandemic. However, there is light at the end of this year-long tunnel! If you haven’t heard, we will be opening up for in-person lessons on May 1st and planning for more live performances in the near future! Congratulations to all the bands on a job well done!