Atlanta Piano Lessons

Virtual Piano Lessons in Atlanta  (Ages 5+)

The piano is one of the most popular instruments at Guitar Shed. Our virtual lessons put the most talented piano teachers in Atlanta in your home.  Like the guitar, it can be part of almost any genre, played as a soloistic endeavor, or accompaniment to songs. It is ideal for the younger beginner because of its very accessible and visible key structure and gives students a sense of accomplishment early in the lessons. Whether you want to learn the building blocks of music, rock out standing up like Elton John, or advance to more sophisticated jazz or classical styles, our teachers can help you get there!

Atlanta Virtual Piano Lessons

Teachers: Chris, Desmond, Drew, Dylan, Gail, Nichelle, Ron, Vivian

About Virtual Lessons:

-Use your own gear and educational materials
-Flexible Scheduling
-Help with your practice rig
-Connecting with your teacher from any location
-Record lessons and practice with them throughout the week
-Our teachers are happy to use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and any other preferred video-conferencing applications

More information on our virtual lessons can be found here


Beginner Keyboard Recommendations:

Casio CTK2550

Casio CTK3500

Casio WK245

Casio Privia

Piano Tuners:

Cooper Piano

Piano Movers:

Bennett Piano Movers

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