What to expect at your first lesson?

We recommend bringing your instrument (except for piano students) if you have one, a folder or notebook to keep music in and an open mind.

If you don’t have an instrument, you are welcome to use one of ours for your first lesson.

Please arrive a few minutes early if you have an in-person lesson, Atlanta traffic is unpredictable. Once you arrive, our administrative staff will show you around and make sure you are comfortable. We have plenty of magazines, coffee, tea, water, and books to read in our lobby area.

Our front desk will introduce you to your teacher, or they will introduce themselves and show you to your lesson room. The first lesson can go by quickly, but our main goal is to get you playing music from Day 1.

All students learn at different speeds, and our teachers do their best to adjust to varying learning temperaments. Feel free to tell your teacher if you’d like for them to slow down (or speed up) and make sure they know what kind of music you are interested in. For our younger students who are still figuring out what they like, our teachers are happy to turn them on to some of their favorite music.

If you have any questions about billing or scheduling, don’t hesitate to reach out to the front desk. All teaching-related questions can be discussed with your teacher. We’re here to help you on your musical journey.

Welcome to Guitar Shed!