Guitar (Ages 7+)

The guitar is our namesake for a reason! Our guitar teachers are well-versed in rock, jazz, funk, blues, soul, classical, and folk, in both acoustic and electric styles. Learn to shred your favorite iconic riffs, strum power chords, or play a gentle serenade. We typically begin guitar lessons at age seven and often encourage younger beginners to start with ukulele lessons as a foundation for guitar. 

Teachers: Brandon, Desmond, Hoberdan, Max, Parker, Paul, Sean, Vivian

Beginner Guitar Recommendations:

Electric – Squier Stratocaster ½ Size

Nylon – Lyons ½ Size Classroom

Steel – Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

Adult Guitar Recommendations:

Electric – Squier Stratocaster

Nylon – Cordoba C5

Steel – Yamaha FGX800C Dreadnought Cutaway

Guitar Repairs:

Intown Guitar Repair

Holgado Guitar Works

Maple Street Guitars

Amp/Pedal Repairs:

Acorn Amplifiers

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