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Winter Recital Signup Next Week

We had some great performances at our Fall Student Showcase and the Kirkwood Wine Stroll this month! Thank you to everyone who performed at and attended these events. Next on tap is Oakhurst Porchfest on Saturday, October 12th and our Winter Recitals starting in November.

Signup begins for all Winter Recitals on 10/1. There is limited space, so please talk to your teacher and sign up in the student portal as soon as possible.

Recitals are not required at Guitar Shed, but they are encouraged. This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and support each other. There are no awards, no rankings, no auditions, no judging, and no preference given to individual students. This is intentional. We strive to create a safe, non-competitive learning environment at Guitar Shed and pride ourselves on the creativity and diversity of our students.

So don’t hold back, be your best self and resist the urge to compare yourself to other students. Looking back at our recitals, the pieces that moved me have been the most authentic ones. Doesn’t matter if it is “Hot Cross Buns” or Stravinsky. Play what you want to play, not what you think you should play. Put emotion before technique and speed. Don’t be afraid to bring something to your teacher that resonates with you. Feel free to go “off-book” and work with your teacher to create a custom arrangement just for you. Most of all, be yourself and have fun!

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Winter Recital Details – Signup begins 10/1

It’s that time of year again and we are getting into recital mode! Below are all of the details for our Winter Recitals, please read carefully.

Signing up

-Signup begins 10/1 in the student portal at 9 am. Space is limited, so please sign up promptly to guarantee your spot. Starting on 10/1, click on the recital date in the calendar and click “Register.” Please familiarize yourself with the student portal before 10/1. We are always happy to resend your login info and walk you through event registration at Guitar Shed. 

-Check with your teacher first to make sure you are ready to perform, you do not need to choose your piece when you sign up. Your teacher will give us that information as the event gets closer.

-Tweens ( 10-12 year olds ) are welcome to sign up for the Kids or Teens Recital since there is limited space in the Kids Recital. 


-Admission is $10 in advance and at the door for ALL performers and guests. This is a new policy to help with the production of our recitals. Admission covers the costs to pay the venue, market the event, design and print posters, hire photographers, print our photo albums and most importantly pay our awesome teachers. 

-Tickets will be available on each of the venue’s websites soon.

House Band

-There will be a teacher house band for the Teens and Adult recitals. Please let your teacher know if you would like to be accompanied by the house band. The house band will also accompany all of the drummers at the Kids Recital. 

-There is a mandatory rehearsal if you would like to be accompanied by the house band. Date TBD.

Venues, Dates and Times

-Kids Recital: 11/16 at City Winery – 12-3 pm

-Teens Recital: 11/24 at The Vista Room – 7-10 pm

-Adults Recital: 1/19 at Eddie’s Attic – 7-10 pm

More details

-If you haven’t already, grab a free poster on the music stand in our lobby.

-Please stay to see your fellow performers. We have split up our recitals into 3 events to allow for a shorter program. 

-We will have a photographer, please let us know if you would not like to be included in recital photos. 

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Guitar Shedders – Facebook Group

We’ve got a new group, Guitar Shedders! Well, we already had a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and all that good stuff but we needed a separate forum where current and former students could interact with each other. Students periodically asks questions that I don’t always have the answer to…

Are there any other students looking to jam? 

Can anybody switch lesson times with me?

Does anybody want to buy a used tuba from me?

These are all great questions for our new group, Guitar Shedders. As teachers, we strive to create a connected musical community in Atlanta and the intent of this group is to pass this synergy along to our students. As Guitar Shed teachers, we have played several gigs together and continue to interact musically outside of teaching. This contributes to our shared musical history and brings us closer together.

Please request to join our group and feel free to post anything music related….just keep it clean. This group is for students 18+up and we will moderate the group if there are any harmful comments.

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Winter Recital Signup

Mark your calendars for our Winter Recitals! We are very excited to have 3 separate recitals at some of Atlanta’s best music venues. Signup begins in the student portal on 10/1!

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Fall Student Showcase

Registration is now open for our Fall Student Showcase in the Student Portal. This is a great opportunity to hone your performance chops in front of a smaller audience! To register, login to the student portal and follow the directions below.

Click “Calendar” in the sidebar >

Go to September 14 >

Click on the Student Showcase event >

Click “Register”

This is a free event and open to the public, so feel free to invite friends and family to see you perform! We will have amps, microphones and a keyboard available. Please bring your instrument with you (unless you are playing piano) and arrive at least 15 min. before your set time. Unfortunately, this performance is not open to drummers due to the size of the restaurant. Space is limited so sign up today to guarantee your spot.

P.S. We just created a private facebook group, “Guitar Shedders” for all of current and former Guitar Shed students that you can request to join here. The purpose of this group is to help us connect with each other in the local music community. If you’re looking to jam, sell an instrument or want to talk about the candy offerings in the lobby feel free to post it here! Open to adult students and parents. 

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Teen Band Openings

The Guitar Shed Teen Band, The Revolutionists, is looking to add a bass player and a guitar player! If interested, please inquire at the front desk or send us an email at At least one year of playing experience is recommended to join the teen band.

Teen Band performing at Venkman’s on 6/2/19
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Summer Recital Recap

For the first time, we had both of our recitals on the same weekend. And we were still open for lessons on Sunday. We had our teacher retreat last week as well and a rehearsal. We spent a lot of time together. We learned a lot, we played a lot, we saw a lot.

Some things we learned…

  • We can do 2 recitals in one weekend, that doesn’t mean we should 🙂
  • We have the best students
  • We have some VERY hardworking teachers
  • The drummers can hang with the pros
  • Some of our performers were nervous, but they all made it through their songs

Some things we played….

  • Billie Eilish
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Elvis
  • Bach
  • Drake
  • Seals and Croft
  • Miles Davis
  • Wilco
  • Christina Aguilera

Some things we saw….

  • Capes
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Jumpers
See all of the photos on our Facebook page here

Thank you for a great Summer Recital weekend! -Guitar Shed

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A Note to the Moms

We have a lot of moms at Guitar Shed. Moms that are teachers, students, grandmothers, families with two moms, stepmoms, moms with kids that take lessons, and we are grateful for all of them. Here’s why…

Two of our teachers are moms. Nichelle and Vivian are both the mothers of beautiful, talented girls.

Moms put their kids first when it comes to music lessons. I have had countless conversations with moms who have been itching to pursue a musical instrument, but give their kids priority.

Moms are with you every step of the way. One of my favorite things to watch at performances is when one of our students is singing and their mom is watching from the audience singing along every word and smiling. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Moms get us to where we need to be. Whether that’s dropping a kid off and running to get gas and groceries, or driving through the pounding rain, or dropping your kid off and taking a nap in the car.

Moms provide backup. You know that feeling when the teacher comes out to the lobby midway through the lesson and asks for backup. Either your kid is having a tough day, snack-deprived, or just not in the mood. We are thankful for the moms that help get our kids back on track.

Moms pay the bills. I was raised by a single parent and at times money was tight. My mom would ask me every month when I was taking lessons whether I would like to keep going. The answer was always yes and she never denied me a single lesson. Same answer when I got into the music school of my choice.

Moms are the best. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Guitar Shed.

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Piano and Violin Availability

We just opened up some piano lesson times in the brand new keyboard room. Tuesday is available with Drew and Kelsey has a few remaining times on Wednesday. Jenny also has some availability for violin lessons on Thursday.

Sign up today to guarantee your spot!

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Summer Recital Signup – 4/1

Sign up for our Summer Recitals begins Monday, April 1st at 9:00 am. There is limited space available and we encourage you all to familiarize yourself with the student portal before next week to guarantee your spot. Here is a link to the student portal sign in page and we have recently included instructions on how to best use the portal. To sign up for our recitals, just click on the date in the calendar and click “Register.” If this is your first recital, please confirm with your teacher before signing up. Below are the recital dates and times. 

6/1 – Kids Summer Recital at City Winery – 12:00-3:00 pm – $10 cover (free for kids 12 and under) 

6/2 – Teens and Adults Summer Recital at Venkman’s – 7:00-10:00 pm – $10 cover (free for performers) 

We will send out another reminder this Sunday. Even if you are not performing, we encourage all of our Guitar Shed family to attend the recitals! Please let us know if you need us to resend your login information or if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE poster at Guitar Shed after your lesson!

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