Guitar Shed Student Portal

To cancel and/or reschedule lessons please use the student portal. To remove one lesson (so that you won’t be charged) or apply a makeup credit to your invoice, please email us before the 1st of the month.

What should I use the student portal for? Good question! The student portal is our central hub of communication for everything related to Guitar Shed.

Current students are able to sign in and do the following things:

Sign up for performances (student showcases and recitals). Our showcases and recitals are based on availability and fill up quickly. To sign up, just click on the date and click “Register.”

Cancel lessons. The student portal is best used for canceling lessons in the current month and is the quickest way to notify your teacher and Guitar Shed. When you cancel a lesson in the student portal with at least 24 hrs. you will be automatically issued a makeup credit. If you cancel within 24 hrs. you will not receive a makeup credit.

Reschedule lessons. If you have a makeup credit, you can register for a makeup lesson by viewing the calendar and clicking “Register” on an available time slot. The best method to reschedule lessons is by using the student portal. To remove lessons, please email us before the 1st of the month so that you are not issued a makeup credit. When scheduling makeup lessons, please check the location to determine if virtual or in-person.

View teacher availability. Interested in switching lesson times permanently? You can view your teacher’s current availability and let us know if you’d like to make the switch.

Log practice time. This is a great place to keep track of your practice habits and share them with your teacher.

View billing history. You can view past and future payments and update payment information easily. Click on “Account and Invoices” to view payments or go to “Settings” to update your payment info.

View teacher contact information. Need to reach your teacher directly? Click on “Studio Info” to view their contact information.

Download stuff! Visit our “Online Resources” to view a number of charts, mp3s, and teaching materials. You can also view past lesson notes and repertoire in the corresponding sections.