, , Old Time Music Workshop – March 24

Max is teaching a weekend Old Time Music Workshop for students interested in learning old-time festival tunes by ear in a group setting. This is a great “stepping stone” towards participating in jam sessions like the 3rd Sunday Waller’s jam or summer festivals like Clifftop, Mount Airy, Bear on the Square, etc., where you have to pick up tunes on the fly.

Students will learn one or two tunes over the course of an hour using a call-and-response teaching method. Max will demonstrate a phrase on the fiddle, and students will attempt to play the phrase back on their instruments. Instruments will also be on hand to demonstrate how to “translate” a phrase from fiddle to banjo, mandolin, etc. Once the tunes are learned, students jam on it for a while and have fun with it.

Register today in the Student Portal!

Announcing our newest group starting in mid-August, R&B Ensemble. This group is open to adults only, and all of our guitar spots are already full. We are now enrolling keys, bass, drums, and vocals. Tuition is $32.50 per rehearsal and the group is led by Sean McMorris. Contact the front desk today if you are interested in joining!

, , , , , Piano Shed Returns in August!

We are excited to announce our group piano class, Piano Shed 🎹 is returning in August. Sign up before July 1st, and the first class is FREE!

We have 2 afternoon sections and a dedicated room for group piano lessons. The cost for Piano Shed is $32.50 per class.

No experience is required, we are using a multi-tiered curriculum that is great for complete beginners to intermediate students ages 7-12. One of the things we have learned over the past few years is the importance of playing music together!

In Piano Shed, the students will learn how to use musical structure to inform their improvisational direction, read charts, and learn chords and scales. There will also be opportunities to explore different keyboard sounds and use auxiliary percussion to accompany the jam. Space is limited, so sign up today by calling or emailing the front desk.