August School Update

Greetings Guitar Shedders,
We are pausing reopening for in-person lessons. While we had hoped to start taking steps towards reopening in August/September, the events of the past month have forced us to reevaluate. We are still taking things one month at a time and hope to see some significant improvements soon. Until then, we will continue only offering online lessons. 

All holds on lesson times will be released on 9/1. We know several of you are adjusting to a new school/work schedule and will do our best to accommodate any time changes. Several of our teachers have added more flexible teaching hours so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to switch times. Our administrative staff is continuing to answer phone calls and emails Sunday-Friday from 10-7 pm. 

This is a great time to double up on lessons (twice a week) or extend your lesson to an hour with your teacher’s permission. Thank you all for sticking with us through this period of virtual lessons. I’ve heard from multiple teachers that their teaching days are the best day of the week and give them something to look forward to. We hope you are enjoying your lessons as well. Stay healthy and…

Keep Shedding! 

School Update – 6/23

Our hope is to reopen for limited in-person lessons this fall (August/September), but we are taking things one month at a time. Students and teachers will be able to choose their lesson experience (virtual or in-person) when the time comes. For the month of July we will be continuing exclusively with virtual lessons. 

For those of you curious about what in-person lessons will look like, we have been researching and exploring options to ensure the safety and comfort of those who walk through our doors. We will be following guidelines from state health officials and the CDC. In-person lessons may include the following changes.

-face masks required for students and teachers
-plexiglass barrier for front desk-wiping down of materials and instruments after each lesson
-the removal of chocolate kisses (a sad day indeed) after your lesson
-hand-washing required before each lesson-no shared materials (i.e. bring your own drumsticks and tuners, you are still welcome to use our amps and cables) 
-thorough, frequent cleaning of shared spaces-plexiglass barriers in lesson rooms
-limited seating in the lobby

Group lessons prevent more of a challenge and we are currently working on ways to rehearse together safely. We know things won’t return to the way they were, but we are hoping to see you all in person soon when the time is right. Please feel free to share any feedback you may have with us.

We are so grateful for your flexibility, patience, support, and positivity during this unprecedented time. 

Keep Shedding!

, , , , Virtual Tween and Teen Band Projects

During this period of virtual lessons, our Tween and Teen bands have been hard at work collaborating on music video projects. Each band member filmed themselves playing along with the original recording of the song. Sean McMorris coached his bands and worked with them on the arrangement to create a cohesive final product. Chris Case mixed the audio and Craig Newman edited the video. We are very proud of both band’s videos and are thankful for the opportunity to still collaborate musically while we are physically apart.

The Tween Band performed “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac and the Teen Band performed “Ain’t it Fun” by Paramore. Hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we did making them!

Recital Submission Guidelines – Individual Performers
Bands and Ensemble Submissions

We have missed making music with you and are excited to announce a new collaborative project, “Operation Guitar Shed!” Over the past couple of weeks our teachers have been test driving a video collaboration that will be posted soon on our social media. We recorded audio and video of our individual parts separately to “Don’t Change Horses” by Tower of Power. We dubbed our band “Operation Funk” and had a blast doing it!  

All you need to participate is a pair of headphones. Each participant will record a video of themselves performing the song with headphones on. If you are interested in improving the sound quality of your recording, we recommend purchasing a USB audio interface for your computer. Audio interfaces are in high demand these days and you might have to check with a few different retailers for availability. There are also several more affordable interfaces for phones and tablets

Our teachers will be reaching out soon to coordinate which song each band will submit. Please note, since these videos will be edited together the submission process is different than our recitals. You will each receive an email with a file request from DropBox. You do not need a DropBox account to submit your video and just need to click on the link that you receive. We found this to be the simplest process. Once we have received videos from each band member, we will send them off to be edited and debut them at our Virtual Recitals. 

The deadline to submit all videos is 5/29.

While we can’t perform in the same physical space during this time, we can still make music together and keep our creative juices flowing. Thank you for participating in Operation Guitar Shed!

Don’t Change Horses

We’ve been hard at work on our new teacher band “Operation Funk!” Here’s our take on “Don’t Change Horses” by Tower of Power. Giddy up!

, , , Summer Recitals + School Update 5/4

Click the poster to RSVP on Facebook!

Thank you all for participating in our first ever Virtual Student Showcase! The event was a success and we really appreciate everyone tuning in. We are planning on continuing with Virtual Recitals on the previously announced dates.

June 6 – 12 pm – Kids Recital (12 and under) – deadline to submit 5/29
June 14 – 7 pm – Teens Recital – deadline to submit 6/5
July 26 – 7 pm – Adults Recital – deadline to submit 7/17

All recitals will be broadcast on our Facebook Page. Below are some guidelines for submitting your performance.
-Please keep videos under 2 minutes
-Have your teacher send you an accompaniment track to play along with if necessary
-Dress up, play outside, setup a mini concert hall, play with family members, get creative and have fun with it!
-Make sure the video is well lit and the performer is clearly visible in the frame
-Upload your video to YouTube (if you are unable to upload the video to YouTube send us the file and we’ll upload it)-Join the watch party and share it with friends and family

Uploading your video to YouTube
1) Under Audience – click “No, it’s not made for kids” (this makes it possible to add the video to our playlist)
2) Visibility – click unlisted
3) Email the link to [email protected]
We hope to open our physical doors soon, but are waiting on more recommendations from the CDC for when the time is right. We are very fortunate to continue doing what we love and grateful to all of you for supporting us during this time. 
We look forward to seeing you at Guitar Shed soon!
Keep Shedding and May the 4th be with you!

School Update – 4/14 – Spring Showcase / Summer Recitals

Hope you all are doing well. We are looking forward to our first Virtual Student Showcase which will be broadcast on our Facebook page at 2 pm this Saturday, April 18. Watch live and say hello in the comments! We have extended the deadline to send us your videos to this Friday, April 17. Remember to keep the video under 2 minutes, upload it to YouTube and send us the link. We will be giving away one month of FREE LESSONS to one lucky performer during the showcase!

We have been in contact with Eddie’s Attic, Venkman’s and City Winery Atlanta about our Summer Recitals and have decided to move our Kids Recital to a Virtual Recital. Our Teens and Adults Recitals will likely follow suit, but we are waiting to hear back from the venues. The Virtual Recital format will be similar to our Student Showcase this Saturday, but with a few extra surprises. If you are in a position to donate, please consider contributing to the GoFundMe campaigns for these local music venues – Eddie’s AtticVenkman’s and City Winery Atlanta. They have been gracious to host our recitals over the years and we have so many great memories on their stages. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Keep Shedding!

Greetings from Nichelle!
School Update – 3/24

We have learned a lot after our first full week of virtual lessons. We have seen your amps, drum setups, toys, pets, living rooms, and even taught a few lessons outdoors. We have all gained greater insight into your practice environment. This shift in our lesson model has forced us to grow as teachers and our students to become more self-reliant. 

Many of you are wondering when we will reopen our doors, and unfortunately, we do not have an answer to that question. What we do know is that we will be continuing with virtual lessons for the time being. All group lessons are on hold and you will not be charged for classes until they resume. In the meantime, we encourage you to schedule private lessons with your group’s instructor. You are also welcome to schedule an additional lesson each week with your current instructor (thank you to the students who have already taken advantage of this!). 

To keep things as normal as possible, we ask that you continue to reach out to the front desk for any scheduling and billing questions. Our wonderful administrative staff is answering the phone and emails remotely around the clock. As always, you are welcome to remove one lesson before the 1st of the month and apply makeup credits to a future invoice. Please review our lesson policy below.

One lesson can be removed before the 1st of the month and email is the preferred contact method to remove lessons. Beginning on the 1st of the month, students can cancel up to 24 hours before the lesson and receive a make-up credit. Students that cancel within 24 hours of the lesson will be charged the full amount and will not receive a make-up credit. To cancel and/or reschedule lessons please use the student portal. To remove one lesson (so that you won’t be charged) or apply a makeup credit to your invoice, please email us before the 1st of the month.

Below are some benefits that we have seen from our first week of virtual lessons.

-Use your gear and educational materials 
-Flexible Scheduling 
-Help with your practice rig 
-Connecting with your teacher from any location 
-Record lessons and practice with them throughout the week 
-Our teachers are happy to use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and any other preferred video-conferencing applications 

We are very thankful for the opportunity to continue with virtual lessons and see our students each week. Thank you for sticking with us and….

Keep Shedding!


P.S. Please tag us on Instagram @guitarshedatl with pictures/videos of your virtual lessons! 
P.P.S. Gift certificates are available to purchase online here

“I just wanted to say everything was great. Skype worked well on our end and Finn was engaged and learned 2 new songs! Charlie had his lesson with Max today as well and Zoom was awesome. I loved how Max could put up the music on the screen instead of us having to prop it up next to him. Thanks for making online lessons work. Keeping some semblance of normalcy in our lives through all this chaos was really helpful. – Nancy

You and Guitar Shed have brought me so much joy. Thank you for all you do. – Sara

Thanks for making this an option, we very much want to continue to support the business (and instructors!) we care about and love having an option to continue. – Jessica

We are so happy that lessons are continuing online. It is something to look forward to that is not homeschooling! –